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Secure File Manager

Secure file sharing for business with boolebox cloud

The Secure File Manager web app allows you to access a secure environment to upload, organize, edit, and share files and folders, using boolebox‘s military-grade encryption.

Secure File Manager makes it easy to collaborate with other users by editing with Microsoft 365 and using classifications, tasks, and comments.

The 4 main features

01. Protection and organization

The files located within Secure File Manager are automatically encrypted and organized into logical groups: “My Files,” “Received files,” “Shared files,” “Personal Key,” “Favorites,”, ” Recent,” and “Trash”.

02. Collaboration tools

With Secure File Manager, not only can you secure file sharing with clients, but you can also edit them online with Microsoft 365, and even exchange comments, tasks, and annotations with the recipients of the share. With Secure File sharing service, you can also create a data room when required.

03. Classification

You can view all the classified projects in which you have been included by accessing the dedicated section within the Secure File Manager.Secure File Manager. Potrai anche inserire altri file e cartelle all’interno di progetti già esistenti, classificandoli.

04. Activity log

To ensure easy, secure file sharing, the Activity Log allows you to monitor in real-time what activities have been performed on files or folders, by whom, time and location. You can also manage access permissions for other users in a seamless manner.

Check out how our customers are using this app…

“I’m an architect, and often the employees I supervise on the construction sites would send me pictures that would fill my inbox, leaving me to manage these messages manually.

I use Secure File Manager to organize files and folders securely and create data rooms for my projects. Each employee can upload their worksite photos to the dedicated folder using the boolebox mobile app:
I can see them in real-time, and the images are protected.

Plus, having Microsoft 365, we can work on the shared documents of the worksite simultaneously, making significant changes that everyone considers valuable.”

Marco B.

Complement File Encryptor for Windows with Secure File Manager

With File Encryptor Client for Windows, you can open and edit Microsoft files on the Secure File Manager using the original local applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) while maintaining their encryption. When you close the file, no trace of it remains on your PC.

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