Cybersecurity solutions for companies.

Boolebox makes your data secure. Everywhere.

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With boolebox cybersecurity solutions for companies, your corporate data protection is always secure: locally, in the cloud, in transit via e-mail, in shared projects, and in the most commonly used platforms, such as Windows, Outlook, Gmail, OneDrive® & SharePoint®

We understand the potential cybersecurity threats of every type of company and have developed ideal protection tools to guarantee unprecedented security, thanks to a tailor-made approach. Boolebox protection is the bodyguard of your data. It never abandons your data and follows it everywhere.

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Multinationals, International Entities and SMEs have chosen Boolebox as their corporate data security solution.


Applied data security even if you use other solutions

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If you are using Windows, Outlook, Gmail, OneDrive, or SharePoint, you can use boolebox Applications dedicated to data protection in these platforms without changing the way you work.
They are activated instantly, and you don’t have to think about anything after that. Leave all of the data security to us!
Our cyber security solution protects your data so you can continue to work worry free.

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Ensuring the highest level of data security for your company.

Data security for business rapresentation

We protect large amounts of different types of data in various business sectors. We have been data security experts since 2011, and continue in this vein with passion. These years of experience have enabled us to achieve the highest security standard globally, also thanks to our military-grade encryption.

If you choose our cybersecurity solutions for companies, only those you have authorized can access your data, prohibiting access from even the most experienced hackers. Data and documents protected with boolebox will be inaccessible and unusable by unauthorized users even in the event of device theft or loss or unwanted appropriation of files from the cloud. Reliable corporate data security!

Why choose Boolebox cybersecurity solutions

Our experience in the field of data protection in different application areas has allowed us to develop unique, highly customizable cybersecurity tools for companies according to specific needs. We protect your data in the cloud, on premises or through hybrid solutions. You will be able to choose the configuration that best suits your company and the working methods you are used to. You can decide to purchase the entire Boolebox suite or individual applications, with the guarantee of implementation that’s always easy, fast and intuitive.

Our strengths:

  • Advanced features patented by Boolebox and continuous updates to adapt the tools to new cyber threats
  • Unique approach to multi-cloud protection: your files protected with Boolebox can be managed within the third-party platforms you usually use. You work as usual, but without risks. 
  • Personal Key: data stored on other platforms become inaccessible to service providers, including Boolebox.
  • Limited authorization also for system administrators: only users with specific permissions can access encrypted data.
  • We create tailor-made solutions for structured projects with a high level of customization. 

We are a European company. Your data will remain outside the scope of the Cloud Act.

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