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Secure Password

Generate and manage password security app with our Password manager

Secure Password manager for business

Secure Password,  boolebox’s password manager for generating secure passwords, allows you to have a secure “vault” where you can save access passwords or other sensitive information related to important documents (driver’s license, insurance, credit cards, etc…) and their digital copies.

Password security adds an extra layer of protection to your sensitive information. Within our secure password manager, you have specific templates available for every need, and a secure password generator that is hacker-proof, and specifically designed for corporate use.

Secure Password manager for business

The 4 main features

01. Pre-set templates

You can create a new record using one of the preset templates made available by your company in which all the fields you need are already set.

02. Automatic protection and organization

The files and information found within this password security app are automatically encrypted and can be organized using the appropriate template specific for each type of file and data.

03.  Corporate Password Generator

For each service whose credentials you want to safeguard, at your request, the Secure Password generator can create a random, complex security password and save it for future use.

04. Password app for iphone & android

You can access and edit the records within your repository even from your mobile on our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

You could use Secure Password manager to…

Our password manager is mainly used at corporate level, in various sectors. Its user-friendly interface and advanced, customizable features make it suitable for all types of companies. For example, it’s the perfect solution in all professional offices with a large number of employees and external collaborators. In such cases, it is essential to protect confidential documents and files with secure, complex passwords. Adopting our Secure Password prevents staff from using common, repeated or over-simplified passwords and also improves productivity, saving valuable time for company IT staff, who are often called upon to reset passwords in the event of forgetfulness or errors. 

Secure Password Manager: testimonial from one of our customers

Secure Password manager for business: how it works

“I am the IT Manager of a company with over 200 employees and, as a company policy, we ask employees to use different and complex passwords for the various services they use. As a company, we don’t take password security lightly.

With Secure Password, anyone can use the secure password generator to create complex, attack-proof passwords, save them, and even change them every month to comply with the diverse company requirements.

When an employee forgets their password, and it often happens, they no longer have to ask my department to reset it because it is easily retrieved in the Secure Password manager app.“

Filippo G.

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