Business Data Security with BooleBox

BooleBox is the cloud that guarantees total security for your corporate data with a unique encryption system.

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BooleBox: Your corporate data is secure. Really, always and everywhere.

Protect important files and information with the most complete, innovative and reliable data storage and file-sharing solution on the market.

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Security The highest security ever, just as you want it
Company data security with military grade encryption

Available with In-Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid versions, BooleBox protects your company data from external attacks and insider theft, by means of guaranteed military grade encryption, whose access keys are held only by you.

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Protect sensitive data archived within the company


Secure your SharePoint archive

BooleBox and relevant integrations are products of Boole Server, the infinite solutions provider.

The best solution
is a personalised

Discover your company’s protection needs and the solutions you can find in BooleBox.

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Free trial At last, the only secure, fast and easy cloud file‐sharing system.
10 free giga
365 days a year
256 AES bit encryption
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The corporate data theft
will no longer be a problem.

Free your company from all risk, both external and internal, by protecting your most sensitive information.

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BooleBox Innovative solutions unique on the market
Guaranteed military grade encryption 256-bit AES military grade encryption
standards adapted to protect
top-secret files
Multiple personal keys Created and known only by you
for unrivalled security
Secure sharing systems Syncing between devices and
encrypted email exchange
Controlled file classification Use of tags to ensure everyone complies
with your rules on protection
Maxi protection Anti screen capture, watermarks, time
of use limitation and activity log
Online editing and collaboration Direct management, organisation and collaboration in the cloud
Public Authorities: the computer security is a priority, but specialization lacks
Studies and research » Public Authorities: the computer security is a priority, but specialization lacks 11/29/2016 - Boole Server

Even if the rules are forcing Companies to use outsourcing partners, nevertheless, only 1 PA out of 3 manages security with outsourcing partners.