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How do freelancers or small companies without an IT department manage cybersecurity?

6 Jun , 2023  |  News & Events

Large companies have recently begun to incorporate dedicated departments and staff specialised in the prevention and management of cyber risks. But micro-enterprises, freelancers and SMEs still ignore or neglect IT security all too often. Yet according to the latest findings, these are precisely the preferred targets of cyber criminals. Read the article and find out how to defend yourself!

Two-factor authentication: an indispensable tool for data security, also within the company

30 May , 2023  |  News & Events

Two-factor authentication is one of the most effective security systems for protecting our accounts, whether private or corporate. However complex it may be, relying on a single password is no longer sufficient today for guaranteeing exclusive, secure access to web accounts, especially if they contain confidential or sensitive data. Strong authentication, indeed better known as […]