Cybersecurity best practises

What are Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) and how can they help companies to manage sensitive data?

10 Feb , 2023  |  Cybersecurity best practises

Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) are secure and protected digital working environments, mainly used to exchange sensitive data and documents during due diligence activities, mergers and acquisitions, financing and other business transactions. They are also an excellent solution for any company that needs to exchange confidential documents with employees, collaborators or customers. In this article we will thoroughly […]

What is ethical hacking and why is it a valid tool for preventing cyber attacks?

23 Nov , 2022  |  Cybersecurity best practises

Ethical hacking is aimed at discovering any vulnerabilities in a company’s computer system. It is a cyber attack for all intents and purposes. Nomen omen, after all: ethical hacking. A breach of the computer systems of the company in question is simulated from the hacker’s perspective, and all possible flaws, shortcomings and vulnerabilities that represent more or less serious IT security risks are brought to light.

Work virtualisation and IT security. VDI solutions are becoming increasingly popular: what are the advantages for companies? And the threats?

21 Oct , 2022  |  Cybersecurity best practises

The pandemic years have significantly accelerated the work digitisation process and the use of remote working both in Italy and abroad. If most cutting-edge companies were already starting to move in this direction in 2019, today remote working is an everyday   occurrence even in smaller, less structured companies. To ensure security, efficiency and robustness even […]

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for corporate data protection: tools and recommendations for an effective DLP strategy

3 Aug , 2022  |  Cybersecurity best practises

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) refers to processes, techniques and tools companies can use  to prevent the loss and breach of sensitive or confidential data. In the US alone, there were over 2.4 million data security breach alerts in the first six months of 2022. Today security is more important than ever, data protection regulations are becoming stricter all the time, […]

Cyber Security in the PA: risks, planned interventions, solutions

6 Jun , 2022  |  Cybersecurity best practises

Cyber security concerns everyone and involves both private subjects and public bodies. Within public administration, the issue of cyber security is now of an urgent nature: in recent years, in fact, the vulnerability of the PA’s IT system, which stores and collects sensitive data, has caused considerable damage. The digital evolution of the bodies capable of guaranteeing the […]