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BooleBox is available in Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid versions. Creating the best protection for your company has never been easier.

BooleBox Applications Tailor-made solutions to meet your every need

Our Applications can be purchased individually or subdivided into three Suites, so you can build personalized protection for your company's data wherever they are kept.
By choosing only what meets your needs, you can have a convenient and complete solution that is attuned to suit your circumstances.

BooleBox Security Suite

  • Secure File Manager Manage files and folders, classify and share safely
  • Secure E-Mail Send and receive your encrypted e-mails with BooleBox protections
  • Secure Password Save passwords and personal records in a secure digital vault
  • Secure Transfer Transfer encrypted files quickly and easily

File Encryptor Suite

  • File Encryptor for Windows® Encrypt and sync also your local files
  • File Encryptor for OneDrive® & SharePoint® Protect your files on Microsoft® cloud storage

E-mail Encryptor Suite

  • E-mail Encryptor for Outlook® Encrypt all your e-mails directly from Outlook®
  • E-mail Encryptor for GMail® Encrypt all your e-mails directly from Gmail®
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best protection for you
Compare the features of the versions of your interest.
Business (Cloud) Enterprise (On‐Premises/Hybrid)
Admin Dashboard
Classification with integrated protections
Sharing Template
Automatic Encryption
Personal Keys
Biometric multi-factor authentication
Remote Drive -
Anti-screen capture and deter photo shots
Desktop and mobile apps
Syncing with Active Directory
Choice of Cloud Provider -
Applications (can be activated individually)  
Secure File Manager
Secure E-Mail Manager
Secure Password
Secure Transfer
File Encryptor for Windows®
File Encryptor for OneDrive® & SharePoint®
E-Mail Encryptor for Outlook®
E-Mail Encryptor for GMail®
*Includes all Applications already activated with 5 licenses each
Do you prefer On-Premises or Hybrid protection?

With BooleBox, you can have space you need and all the protection functions directly on your corporate servers. You can also choose the monthly flat rate option.

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