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Wannacry – 5 hot topics to know about this cyber attack

05/15/2017 by

Wannacry, the ransomware (malicious software that blocks access to data until a ransom is paid) gave a challenging time to both individuals and organizations of the entire world. Cyber attacks of this kind are more frequent and they request a ransom to unblock your data. What are the characteristics of this attack? Most importantly, how to protect from data loss? 
Valerio Pastore, BooleBox President, has been interviewed by Sky TG24 and by TGCOM24 explaining the most efficient ways to protect:

  1. Unheard-of cyber attack
    Wannacry has infected 200 thousand computers in 150 countries. EuroPol has shared the statistic confirm one of the most extensive attacks ever. Do not pay the ransom! Becoming part of hackers’ “payee list” is a terrible damage, data will not be released after paying the amount requested. 

  2. The situation is still instable
    The biggest mistake you will regret is to let your guard down. Wannacry hasn’t been defeated yet, new versions of the ransomware are still attacking devices around the world. In the future these kind of attacks will be even more frequent.

  3. Update your device system
    The first step for prevention is to update your device. Wannacry found the right path focusing on flaws of not updated system like Windows XP. Caution: not only individuals experienced the attack, but also organizations due to their lack of security policies.

  4. Protect your files – do not keep files on local drive or USB keys
    Wannacry steals files from your computer and request a random to release them. This is self-explanatory on why you shouldn’t keep files on a USB key. The best solution is to put your files in a protected virtual vault. 

  5. Encrypt files – prevent the attack with the right weapon
    To beat a hacker, you need to anticipate it, using its own means. As a matter of fact, encrypting files before viruses do it’s the safest modality to keep them. Encrypting files means not giving the possibility to access them from unauthorized users. 
Wannacry and all related other attacks have shown the world that hackers sneak in our computers. Keep hackers away is difficult. It is important to hide files, with solutions like BooleBox.

TAG: Sensitive data protection, Cyber Attack
Wannacry – 5 hot topics to know about this cyber attack