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IT Security, missing a corporate strategy

04/28/2017 by

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been released a year ago (April 2016), however only 7% of the organizations have implemented a long term strategy to align with the new law. The situation is even worse: 1 out of 2 firm has announced that no budget has been allocated for this specific purpose. Experts stated that GDPR can be a great opportunity to expand your own business. With these figures, however, seems like the opportunity is lost.
More data: only 46% of big enterprises have someone educated and dedicated to IT security within the company, the so called CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). In general terms, the training of dedicated employees for IT security is inadequate to GDPR standards, especially when compared to increasing trends of cyberattacks and subsequent corporate data loss

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TAG: IT Security
IT Security, missing a corporate strategy