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IT risks: safeguarding is useful. But preventing is better

02/14/2017 by Boole Server

A cyber-attack can be the cause of serious damages, not only financially speaking (as already underlined in our article dated last December). Intellectual property theft, notification costs to both authorities and victims, and damage to corporate reputation contribute to create a long list of collateral negative consequences that should be avoided, adopting efficient data security solutions and making the company internal staff (often the cause of all these violations, even unwillingly) aware of the situation.

Good practices, however, should not exclude an insurance coverage aiming at supporting the company for all eventualities. A survey by Marsh, however, has revealed that more than the half of CEOs claims to have a policy also against cyber risk, although just 10% of the insurance solutions investigated actually include it.

For a deeper follow-up, here’s an interesting article by a lawyer expert in the field.

TAG: Sensitive data protection, Cyber risk insurance
IT risks: safeguarding is useful. But preventing is better