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Hackers hunt for flaws in corporate systems

02/13/2018 by

There are young people devoted to identifying bugs in corporate systems who receive a reward for their tip-offs, known as a "bug bounty".
These hackers are motivated by higher earnings than the average computer engineer (up to 16 times more in India - 1.7 times in Italy), with some earning more than $100,000 a year.
However, companies should be made aware of the usefulness of these individuals: Being aware of any flaws in your software enables you to protect yourself more effectively.
However, hackers are finding it difficult to contact companies through dedicated channels, which points to the lack of an internal structure and a restricted view of the problem of cybersecurity.
(source: The Hacker Report - La Stampa)

TAG: Cyber Attack, IT Security
Hackers hunt for flaws in corporate systems