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Cybercrime situation increasingly alarming

03/14/2018 by

Worrying data emerged from the analysis carried out and detailed in the 2018 CLUSIT report.
In 2017, over one billion people were victims of cybercrime and the recorded damages amounted to 500 billion dollars. In Italy, it is estimated that the damage caused by cyber-attacks is almost €10 billion, affecting mainly the education and research, software and hardware, finance and healthcare sectors.
The extent of the current scenario's complexity is given by the qualitative and quantitative progress made by attacks, which have increasingly devastating impacts. In numerical terms, the number of hacker attacks has increased by 240% in the last 7 years.
These are figures that must make one think and act promptly, so as not to be caught unprepared.
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TAG: Cybercrime report, IT Security
Cybercrime situation increasingly alarming