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Cybercrime and IT Security: the trends for 2017

04/07/2017 by

Clusit Report, the annual Cybersecurity Report from Cisco and Information security & Privacy Report from Politecnico Milano have drawn some guidelines for cyber security. The damage to Italian organizations made by cyber attacks equalled to €9 billion with Health and Finance industry being the main target with an attack growth of 102% (Health) and 64% (Finance) in 2016 compared to 2015.
The forecast for 2017 is also risky: with the constant increase of file sharing through mobile applications and wireless devices, as well as the usage of third parties cloud services, organizations are more exposed to attacks. 
Cybercriminals innovation is also an increasing threat, infact hackers are well prepared to overcome barriers and continue their war. 

The most important aspect nowadays is to protect from external threats with the best security solutions: companies have the need of being able to share files in a secure way and they can do so with BooleBox.
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Cybercrime and IT Security: the trends for 2017