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Cyberattacks: not only financial damages

12/15/2016 by Boole Server

The soaring number of cyberattacks against American companies is not causing a serious financial damage. The result of a recent study released by Rand Corp. risks to give out a wrong message in the world of cyber security. It seems that many companies – due to a wrong evaluation of the potential damages and negative consequences caused by cyberattacks – tend to renounce an adequate protection of their confidential data. Experts at the University of San Diego underlined that it is very difficult to determine the costs resulting from a data leak. And the financial loss is not the only bad impact: a small company could even be cut off from its own business activity after a cyberattack. And the cost in dollars is not the whole story: a small firm that suffers a data leak might be out of business as a result of the attack.

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TAG: Sensitive data protection
Cyberattacks: not only financial damages