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Corporate insiders are the major threat to a company data security

12/23/2016 by Boole Server

1 out of 50 employees can be considered a potential source of attack on company data security: more than 1/3 (36%) of the companies interviewed in a recent survey conducted by Imperva said to have suffered data leaks caused by their own staff this year. This percentage goes up to 69% if we rely on Accenture and Hfs report, a figure that is confirmed also by the recent news that an employee of the American National Security Agency has been arrested since responsible of a new theft of top-secret files (source: New York Times). As highlighted in the article recently published by Tech Economy, it is not a question of whether, but only of when there will be an attack to security coming from the inside. Because the so-called insider threat consists not only of spiteful people: it also includes distracted or compromised users. The highest number of registered security accidents was actually due to episodes related to human errors and lack of attention, like sharing confidential files with wrong recipients, forgetting of logging out before turning off the PC, or accessing non-secure websites that spread malwares in the whole company network.

TAG: Sensitive data protection, Insider threats
Corporate insiders are the major threat to a company data security