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More productivity or more security? The “business mobility” matter

01/27/2017 by Boole Server

Considered the current economical context, which imposes companies to be more and more flexible and competitive, it is not surprising that nearly the half of IT managers in Italy (46% - according to a recent survey by Vanson Bourne) is in favour of “business mobility”, even if that entails less data security. The possibility to access business information and files, everywhere and at any time, also from portable devices, is a priority for most companies. But risks should not be underestimated.

Another point highlighted by this study is that just 44% of employees are aware of the company policies to properly use data in mobility; the risk of violating it – even unwittingly – is thus very high. The underestimation of risks (as already pointed out in the article dated last October) makes it therefore essential to shed light on those solutions that can guarantee both enterprise operational performance and their protection against external and internal attacks.

To view the full article about Vanson Bourne survey, CLICK HERE

TAG: Sensitive data protection, Insider threats, Business mobility
 More productivity or more security? The “business mobility” matter