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Nordic IT Security – Stockholm, 7th November 2017

10/16/2017 by

The new world of IT-security is a world we have not been part of before. Hybrid infrastructures, mobile workforces, data protection regulations, IoT and disinformation are things that are rapidly setting their footprint on how the security landscape is shaped today.
Nordic It Security is the key meeting place for this brave new world of IT Security.
It is an event built on 10 years of experience – what once started as a local conference in Stockholm, to a dynamic summit and exhibition bringing together the converging worlds of IT, Cyber and Information security.
A headline event where pioneers and leaders in Security exchange ideas, showcase products and develop partnerships in a creative collision of the best industry minds.
Come and discover BooleBox at Stand 68 – Stockholmsmässan, Stockhokm!

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Nordic IT Security – Stockholm, 7th November 2017