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Gitex Technology Week - Dubai 8/12 Oct 2017

10/08/2017 by

GITEX Technology Week is a game-changing, must-attend event located in Dubai – the world’s fastest growing technology hub.
For over 37 years, visionaries and tech pioneers have been descending on Dubai to witness first-hand the technology that is spearheading the digital transformation.

Why Dubai and why GITEX?
Dubai is a city of firsts through funding the advancement of research & development of new technology and bringing real life applications of technology way 
before many other cities – this means Dubai is doing things way before anyone else.

Any serious global technology company is at GITEX Technology Week!

We will wait for you at Stand A7 - 35, Hall 7!
Dubai World Trade Center

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Gitex Technology Week - Dubai 8/12 Oct 2017