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RAI News: How to protect children's privacy online

06/14/2017 by

Valerio Pastore, BooleBox President, at Rai News spoke about the importance of protecting users' privacy on Facebook and other social network
Garante Soro has noted in the past few days how privacy is important: "Pedopornography increases considerably, unfortunately parents post pictures of their children without knowing the external threat"
Children privacy has to be protected since can be easily violated by online pedophiles and criminals.
The first step is to not share your children pictures online, unless within a close group of friends.

"Our information is an immense heritage, it would be silly to put it at risk"
Parents have to protect as much as they can their children information, adopting security systems and common sense.
On the market you can find parental control solutions that block unauthorized access to specific websites and apps.

Problems are related also to the management of sensitive data from third parties like healthcare or sport clubs: these organizations should help to avoid data leak and make accessibility to their data difficult if unauthorized
Encryption solutions are ideal to overcome this important issue: BooleBox was born with the idea of protecting sensitive data. 

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TAG: Sensitive data protection
RAI News: How to protect children's privacy online