Copyright protection in publishing

With BooleBox you can encrypt the sensitive information for protection of copyright in publishing sector ensuring confidentiality and exclusivity of articles, reports and drafts.

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Publishing How to safeguard the management of exclusive written works

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Exclusivity Copyright protection in publishing

Daily newspapers, periodicals, literary works: whatever the core business of your publishing house may be, the intellectual property it holds must be protected. With BooleBox, you can ensure maximum confidentiality for your authors and can control data access and sharing without compromising operational efficiency.

Safety of unreleased editorial documents and protection of copyright
The best copyright protection guarantee For maximum protection, encrypt sensitive information with a Personal Key

BooleBox encrypts all your information using the highest security standards, by means of a master key or Personal Key, created by and known only to you. For additional protection, data transfer is made using a proprietary solution that ensures data protection. With BooleBox, only those selected by you can access your protected files.

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A protected channel
for communication with freelancers and contractors
Transfer exclusivity-protected articles, reports and drafts with maxi protection encryption solutions

With BooleBox, even exchanging e-mails or files within a shared space is totally secure. You can combine the guaranteed military encryption system with further forms of protection: apply an indelible watermark to all documents or prevent users with access from making screen captures, downloading documents to their devices or viewing data beyond the set availability time.

Protection exclusivity-protected articles, reports and drafts
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BooleBox integrates seamlessly with leading applications and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployments.

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