Scientific data protection

BooleBox offers solutions for scientific data protection and file sharing about clinical studies, research results, confidential scientific data, engineering and instrumentation.

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Scientific Research How to protect the exchange of information

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Protection Sensitive information in scientific researches

Studies of new products, research results, confidential scientific data, engineering and instrumentation: your activity is full of sensitive information, accessing it must always be under control. BooleBox offers you a package of solutions that meet your needs in terms of access and security.

Secure data sharing of scientific research
A secure dataroom that can be shared between producer and promoter Transfer results to managers of accounts and publications with guaranteed maximum protection

Creating a truly secure archive space for highly confidential information, without restricting access, is possible. With BooleBox, sensitive data can be protected by military encryption made even more secure by a Personal encryption Key (known only to its creator) and, at the same time, can be accessed by all authorized users. You decide with whom and how to share your data, via timed access or with restrictions (anti-screen capture, download prevention, etc.).

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A protected channel
for the exchange of information between researchers
Communicate with all your internal employees with the guarantee of complete protection

BooleBox offers you a unique file classification system: with encryption rules and differentiated access set for each data category, BooleBox automatically applies the standards to every file created or edited by internal employees. Data exchange has never been more secure, even via e-mail: with a dedicated application, you can send and receive encrypted e-mails and apply further protection levels to all attachments.

Safety information exchange between researchers
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BooleBox integrates seamlessly with leading applications and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployments.

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