Financial data protection solution

A solution for the protection of financial data: a dataroom for offer your customers a confidential and secure space.

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Credit and Finance How to track and manage data access securely

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Confidentiality The protection of customers' financial data

For you, capital is not just monetary: all the digital information archived in your bank or financial institution is a precious asset that must be accessible to clients and operators in a secure manner. With BooleBox, you can at last build a protected archive and file-sharing space.

Confidentiality and protection of financial documents
A dataroom for your customers protected from all forms of unauthorized access Offer your customers a confidential and secure information space

By archiving your sensitive documents and information within BooleBox, all data benefits from military encryption guaranteed by a personal encryption key that you can create and share only with customers. This protected data can be accessed at any time and in any place, even on customer devices, using secure synching with local encryption keys.

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At last, secure communication within headquarters or between subsidiaries Send e-mails with the certainty that information and attachments are truly protected

With BooleBox, you protect not only your archive, but also all confidential information exchanged via e-mail between colleagues and collaborators. Thanks to BooleBox e-mail application you can combine the normal SSL protocols with various types of advanced attachment security, such as: personal encryption keys, watermarks, anti-screen capture and message availability timers.

Secure financial data sharing in the credit and finance sector
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BooleBox integrates seamlessly with leading applications and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployments.

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