Confidentiality of high tech innovations

To safeguard of confindentiality of high tech innovations, you need a secure space that allows researchers and developers to archive and share sensitive information.

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High-Tech How to share projects with maximum confidentiality

BooleBox Business
Confidentiality Technological innovation: an asset worth protecting

Product innovation is the key to the success of your enterprise. To support and safeguard innovation, you need solutions that allow you to archive and share information in total security. With BooleBox, researchers, developers and production partners will at last have a new work space that is really secure.

Data protection linked to technological innovation
Automatic protection of data divided according to category Create protection categories with differentiated access and apply them to all files created and archived within your company

Leaving nothing to chance, in BooleBox, protection is automatic and complies with your standards. Every file created and archived within your company platform is automatically given the level of protection set for its category. And if a file requires more stringent protection, you can create and connect a Personal encryption Key: only you know the key and can recover it in the case of loss.

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Maximum confidentiality in project management Archive and exchange information securely with customers or independent production partners

BooleBox goes beyond the usual safety protocols, but instead divides every file into blocks to provide added protection, including a master key for further data encryption. For complete defense, all data can be protected by an additional Personal encryption Key and shared with customers and employees via encrypted e-mails and advanced protection: indelible watermarks, anti-screen capture, timed access management.

Confidentiality of unpublished high-tech projects
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BooleBox integrates seamlessly with leading applications and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployments.

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