Protection of Copyright and Patents for Fashion and Design Company

Projects, designs, drafts, sketches: protect your company from external attacks and insider theft with a solution for archiving and file sharing in totally security.

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Fashion and Design How to protect the secret of a creative idea

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Secrecy Copyright and patents in the world of fashion and design

Ideas are your most precious assets, which is your right and duty to protect them. However, to expand your business, you need to communicate and share these ideas. BooleBox is the archiving and file-sharing solution that can help you to do so in total security.

Controlled access to projects, sketches and drafts in the fashion and design industry
Controlled access to internal information Projects, designs, drafts, sketches: protect your company from external attacks and insider theft

By archiving sensitive information in BooleBox, you ensure your files have the best protection available on the market: military encryption, data division during transfer for further security, automatic classification and protection within a work group, creation and application of personal encryption keys for individual files. In this way, where necessary, your most sensitive information can be accessed only by you.

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with external production plants
E-mail and shared exchange spaces can finally be made secure

To protect important information from external attacks and internal theft, BooleBox offers an e-mail application that combines various advanced security systems with the normal SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols. Attachments can be protected using personal encryption keys, watermarks, anti-screen capture and message availability timers. Syncing shared space archive data to multiple devices is also secure, with local key encryption.

Secure sharing data with external production laboratories
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BooleBox integrates seamlessly with leading applications and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployments.

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