Control data access in the automotive industry

The automotive industry requires the control of access to shared resources with design, production, distribution and marketing studios.

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Automotive How to protect access to shared resources

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Protection The automotive industry and data management

Car manufacturers have a business unit architecture that requires the planning and control of different levels of access to strategic information. With BooleBox, you can create a protected and controlled space to share important documents with design, production, distribution and marketing studios.

Controlled sharing documents between company resources
Controlled management of exchanges of information between company employees Share new projects, market data, production progress with authorized users only

With BooleBox, you can create a shared archive space protected by secure, military encryption, even whilst syncing to multiple devices, using a local encryption key. And, if you want to send e-mail attachments in total security, you can: only with BooleBox every attachment has its own personal encryption key, making it accessible only to sender and recipient.

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Automatic data protection through classification Make your data protection automatic, and therefore more secure, according to your standards

BooleBox offers a unique data classification system: each file created and archived within the company resource platform is automatically protected at the level set by you for its security category. In addition, you can assign a Personal Key, created by you and linked to a prompt: only you know the key and can recover it in the case of loss. 

Data protection in automotive sector
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BooleBox integrates seamlessly with leading applications and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployments.

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