A corporate cloud for secure file-sharing

BooleBox is a corporate cloud file-sharing system for secure data sharing, protected by a military grade encryption system and personal encryption keys

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Corporate Cloud At last, your file-sharing is totally secure

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BooleBox Cloud Expand your IT infrastructure in total security

BooleBox is the most efficient and reliable corporate cloud file-sharing on the market:
easily archive and share your sensitive data,
using a rigorous military grade encryption system.

Corporate cloud for sharing of sensitive file


BooleBox Cloud ensures maximum business continuity, relying on Amazon AWS and Rackspace, the best web services on the market.


Thanks to its compatibility with Windows and Mac, you can use BooleBox Cloud on all your devices and access important documents online, any place and any time.


BooleBox Cloud ensures maximum protection and control of important documents and the most sensitive data, whilst still benefiting from all the advantages of file-sharing.

Fast and easy cloud file-sharing.

At last, the only secure protection system. BooleBox is a corporate cloud file-sharing, a space protected by a rigorous military grade encryptions system and by personal encryption keys created and known only to you. The promise of unrivalled security, supported by the use of the most reliable storage providers in the world: BooleBox cloud data protection is guaranteed by the Amazon web service.
File sharing in corporate cloud
Data localization in secure data center

The security of a
European data center

With BooleBox you know exactly where your data is

Data localization is a key factor when it comes to the security of your information. For this reason, BooleBox relies its services on highly guaranteed providers (Amazon Web Services) located in selected geographic areas within the European Union (EU). To ensure that data is kept safe even in the unlikely event of possible accidents, data stored inside BooleBox is hosted in Ireland and replicated in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Cloud versions Choose the right version for you:

1TB of cloud space, with all the security of BooleBox


The corporate cloud with the most comprehensive protection and up to 6 users included.

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Protection of corporate cloud with BooleBox
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BooleBox integrates seamlessly with leading applications and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployments.