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SharePoint Encryptor Make your Microsoft SharePoint secure

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Secure corporate file-sharing

Ensure maximum protection for SharePoint

With SharePoint Encryptor, you can protect your documents in Microsoft SharePoint by installing a special connector that applies the different granular BooleBox protections to your online library resources and prevents the most high-risk operations.

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Automatic encryption

Protect all your files within Share Point with an advanced encryption system.

SharePoint Encryptor includes a server application that undertakes all of the management and tracking functions of user-authorized operations and interfaces directly with the connector installed in SharePoint. Every time you protect a file in the SharePoint database, the encryption key and access authorization data are saved within the server on which SharePoint Encryptor is installed.

Encryption system for secure corporate file sharing
Protection of corporate data to be shared


Integrate new protection functions with your Microsoft system.

With SharePoint Encryptor, you can share, view and edit files without having to download them locally. You can also sync files between your personal space and the SharePoint environment, encrypting and decrypting documents or blocking operations that put data at risk, such as copy, cut, paste, print and screen capture.