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Office 365 and BooleBox Work on files directly in BooleBox

Microsoft Office 365 documents
are always protected

Make Office 365 files secure with BooleBox Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 is available on BooleBox Cloud.
Your documents are finally safe in all phases of work.
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint: all your files are safe from prying eyes while you work on them and when you store or share them.

and Office 365

security in collaboration

Increase productivity thanks to secure access to your company files.

  • Open Office 365 files directly online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Create, edit, share, and save documents in a protected environment
  • Encrypt and share files with BooleBox

and Office 365

a unique integration

The words of Rob Howard, director of the Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem

"We are excited to have BooleBox participation in the Cloud Storage Partner Program to further extend the availability of Office 365 to BooleBox users, it's a unique integration that connects BooleBox technology directly to Office Online so that customers have a great experience for reading and editing Office documents stored within their environment"