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Outlook Encryptor Send encrypted emails directly from Microsoft Outlook

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Company email encryption
with Microsoft Outlook

Make your emails secure in Microsoft Outlook

With Outlook Encryptor, you use Microsoft Outlook securely, without leaving your email program. Thanks to a system of advanced encryption, emails with protected content can be neither intercepted nor read by unauthorized users.

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Encryption of company email with Microsoft Outlook
Encryption of
emails in Microsoft Outlook
Military grade encryption and personal keys to protect your email

Outlook Encryptor protects emails thanks to military grade encryption and gives you the option of applying a further level of protection. The encryption key can in fact be made personal, i.e. created by and known only to you. Even in the event of theft of your access credentials, sending an email to the wrong recipient or hacking, the content protected by your personal key will be inaccessible to unauthorised users.

Dynamic watermarks, anti-screen capture and revocable authorisations

Using Outlook Encryptor, you can make use of advanced safety functions, such as the application of an indelible watermark to documents, anti-screen capture or deter photo shots, to prevent photographs being taken of video content. And that's not all: with Outlook Encryptor, you can revoke access authorisations even after issue. All this to give you the maximum control over your files at all times.

Send encrypted email using Outlook
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