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Gmail Encryptor Send encrypted e-mails even via Google

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Company e-mail protection on Gmail

Don't compromise on security in Gmail

With Gmail Encryptor, you can protect your sent and received messages via Gmail by applying the BooleBox encryption system. You can send encrypted e-mails to all your contacts directly from your Gmail interface with a click of a button.

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Encryption of
e-mails in Gmail

Secure connection for your e-mail and encryption according to military standards

With Gmail Encryptor, the confidentiality of your e-mails is ensured even in your personal account. Thanks to a special connector developed by Google, you can encrypt e-mails according to the rigorous BooleBox encryption system. Once encrypted, even communication archived in Google will have maximum protection. And for total protection even after sending, Gmail Encryptor gives you the option of revoking access authorizations. No one can access your e-mails without your authorization.

Company e-mail encryption with Gmail