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File Encryptor Protect sensitive data archived within your company

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Corporate data encryption

With File Encryptor, your archive is more secure

File Encryptor is a specific product for encrypting all information within your storage network, mobile devices and local disks. It also encrypts portions of text and any other type of data using a granular method, setting automatic rules.

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Corporate data encryption on local disk

Local file

File Encryptor offers maximum protection and control of your local data.

Thanks to the granular and selective encryption of resources archived and shared within the company, network storages, portable devices and local disks can be protected and controlled, with no changes to daily operational procedures required. Based on the specific folder you wish to protect, File Encryptor enables you to set the rules, based on which the system automatically encrypts all of the folder contents, even if the user forgets to protect the document.


With File Encryptor, you can protect your files even while using it.

As well as protecting files and folders, File Encryptor also encrypts portions of text within a document, so that confidential information can also be exchanged in chats, e-mails and unencrypted documents. And that's not all: File Encryptor also allows you to activate advanced protection functions, such as anti-screen capture or indelible watermarks.

Protection of company documents in local network