Integrations for corporate file security

Implement BooleBox with all its integrations for total corporate file security: 4 specific protection solutions for maximum confidentiality.

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Integrations Make every space in your company truly secure

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Total security Apply BooleBox protection to every area of your enterprise

To protect every archive and file-sharing space, you can integrate BooleBox with specific products, which you can also install individually. BooleBox and its integrations share the best technology and apply the same rigorous data encryption according to military standards. Choose what is best for you, without compromising on maximum security.

Outlook Encryptor

Use Microsoft Outlook in total security, with easy email encryption to prevent unauthorized users from intercepting or reading protected content. Continue »

Gmail Encryptor

Protect messages sent and received via Gmail by applying the BooleBox email encryption system directly from your email interface. Continue »

File Encryptor

Encrypt all information in your storage network, portable devices and local disks. With File Encryptor, you can use granular encryption even for portions of text and any type of data, setting automatic rules. Continue »

SharePoint Encryptor

Protect documents in Microsoft SharePoint by installing a special connector that applies BooleBox protection logic to all the files stored in your SharePoint library.

Continue »

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