BooleBox for the protection of corporate data on servers and in clouds

BooleBox guarantees the protection of corporate data on servers, in cloud or with a dual solution, providing a secure archive and file-sharing space.

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How does it work? The highest protection ever, just as you want it

Available in Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid versions, BooleBox protects your company data from external attacks and insider theft, using a unique encryption system, whose access keys are known only to you.

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Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid Choose the best place for you

BooleBox is 1 solution with 3 options. Your secure data archive and file-sharing space can be in the cloud or hosted on your company server. And if you want the best of both worlds, BooleBox is also available in Hybrid version. The choice is yours.


BooleBox is the most efficient and reliable cloud file-sharing on the market: archive and share your sensitive data with ease, using a rigorous military encryption system.

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The file-sharing system that combines the reliability of BooleBox technology with the security of storing your data "at home".

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Create your own customized BooleBox configuration

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Every business has its own specific protection and organizational requirements. With BooleBox, you can have your own personalized solution, including all of its security functions.

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Solutions The best solutions to meet your needs
Guaranteed military grade encryption 256-bit AES military grade encryption
standards adapted to protect
top-secret files
Multiple personal keys Created and known only by you
for unrivalled security

Secure sharing systems Syncing between devices and
encrypted email exchange

Controlled file classification Use of tags to ensure everyone complies
with your rules on protection
Advanced Protection Anti screen capture, watermarks, time
of use limitation and activity log
Online editing and collaboration Direct management, organisation and collaboration in the cloud
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