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Secure file synchronization

BooleBox Smart Secure Sync makes it easy to synchronize your files

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BooleBox Smart Secure Sync Simple and secure data synchronization

BooleBox Smart Secure Sync allows you to synchronize your files and folders and encrypt them while actually saving space on your hard disk.
Your documents and data will always be up-to-date thanks to BooleBox Smart Secure Sync. You can work on the latest version of all your files from any device and with BooleBox total protection.

Encrypt and synchronize files and folders

and encrypt files

With BooleBox Smart Secure Sync you can:

  • choose whether to make your files and folders available exclusively online or also locally on your computer;
  • set up an automated process for new files or folders.

BooleBox Smart Secure Sync is free and available for all BooleBox versions.

Download Smart Secure Sync for free

Encrypt local
and online content

Local content
this content is encrypted and you are the only one who can access it thanks to the possibility to set up a personal key known only to you

Online content
files are displayed in a local folder but do not occupy space on the hard disk; you download them only when you need them

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Secure data synchronization