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Health and Public Bodies How to share information securely with patients and citizens

BooleBox Business
Privacy The role of data protection in public sector computerization

Today, hospitals and public organizations are called upon to share information, forms and certificates in digital format and in the most user-friendly way. BooleBox is the solution that can support the computerization of these sectors, with maximum security and operational efficiency.

Health documents and personal data encryption
Maximum privacy protection guarantee Choose the best encryption for your most sensitive data and computerisation will no longer be a problem

By archiving medical reports and diagnostic results within BooleBox, information on patients is protected not only by a common secure SSL connection, but also by one of the most rigorous encryption systems on the market (used even at military level) and by personal encryption keys known only to their creator. And that's not all: based on the classification of each file, any changes or additions will automatically be protected according to your standards, irrespective of who makes them.

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Totally secure access
to information
by patients
Exchange medical reports and diagnoses with your patients, using the most secure e-mail and file-sharing systems

With BooleBox, e-mail exchanges between doctor and patient are no longer a risk to privacy and information secrecy: thanks to a special application, e-mails can be given advanced protection, such as personal encryption keys, watermarks, anti-screen capture and message availability timers. And to create a shared information space that is accessible yet secure, you can use BooleBox as a dataroom devoted to each patient: at last, you can even sync to multiple devices in total security.

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Secure access to health documents and sensitive data
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BooleBox integrates seamlessly with leading applications and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployments.

BooleBox Business