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Behind BooleBox Awards, certifications, references

The security provided by BooleBox has been developed over time, through experience in the most complex fields of application, compliance with rigorous international standards and collaboration with businesses in various sectors.

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A provider of infinite solutions for the data-centric protection of intellectual property

BooleBox and integrations are developed by Boole Server: creator and developer of increasingly high-performance and innovative software solutions. Boole Server offers enterprises full protection of corporate data and sensitive, confidential information, guaranteeing easy access and immediate availability of files for authorised users only.

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Solutions for the data centric protection
An Italian team of experts in the field of military security and software

The Boole Server team has won numerous international awards, such as the Gartner and SC Awards Europe, and has been awarded important certifications. Today, Boole Server is an OCSI certified company, organismo di certificazione della sicurezza informatica (IT Security Certification Body) of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, for level EAL2+ of the Common Criteria standards.

International Awards and Certifications of Boole Server
Technological partner for international companies
A strategic and technological partner for prestigious international companies

"Google, Microsoft and Titus are just a few of the technology partners with which BooleBox has long-term partnerships for the development of ad hoc integrations designed to take data security to its highest possible levels. This degree of protection has become a standard recognized even by leading industrial and service companies, which have made BooleBox an integral part of their business market offer.


A trusted provider
for the protection of leading market brands

"For publishing copyright protection, the protection of designer creativity, ensuring maximum confidentiality of the internal documents of leading corporate groups, Boole Server has become the trusted provider of the biggest Italian names, such as LaFeltrinelli, Tod's, Versace, Fondiaria SAI: references that provide testimony to the elevated level of protection provided by BooleBox.


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